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Responsible Gaming

We educate gamers and their influencers on how to harness the beneficial effects of playing video games. If a gamer games responsible, he or she will be rewarded with awesome developments like improving your problem-solving skills and creativeness, taking your brain to the next level!

“Responsible Gaming = Game like the pro’s”

In 2014, Niek Diepman and Sidney Lehmann researched this concept to create more practical knowledge about Responsible Gaming to provide young gamers with tools to game responsibly.

First: “We observed and discovered  in our experience with Pro Gamers that a gaming addiction is (almost) never developed solely because of  playing games.”

“A gaming addiction is rarely to never developed through a game or various games played by the child but rather a combination of features of their life.” This conclusion has been drawn from this research: (12 June 2014. (Sociaal psychiatrisch verpleegkundigen): Kisjes & Mijland, (2011). Game addiction (Gameverslaving)

So, now your thinking.. What is the Responsible Gaming way? What we discovered isn’t rocket science, balance out your life in different elements as seen below in the diagram. This is what a pro gamer does by nature. A lot of us are not a pro gamer and we understand that it will be hard to even out your game time, also doing all the other stuff you need to do, like homework and so on. We want to let you know that if you want to reach a higher skill, balance your life and you will improve your skill. Focus your life, it will provide the opportunity to see what you want to accomplish in that specific period of time. Game like a pro!

Additional information about Responsible Gaming can be found on the website: 

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Jim “JiMMy” Lehmann

“My definition of Responsible Gaming, literally disciplined gaming, being aware when playing your video games. Knowing how to deal with your gaming time and ensure that your environment (family, school, etc.) will flourish just like your gaming career”.

Sidney “TheS!D” Lehmann

Vice President ECVisualize: “Plan your game time, discipline yourself in want you want to achieve in that period of time. Believe in your potential and let no one ever stop you believing in yourself. If you don’t believe, no one will..” 


Lesley “Vytaan” Zwart

“Responsible gaming means to me, that you can combine gaming with the obligations in your life. Proper planning is very important. It’s easy to put off important things like homework or study because you are playing games, but ultimately it is not the right solution. You’ll feel much more comfortable when you first complete your obligations, and game without pressure or stress have a delicious to game time.”

Joep “Xzee” Jägers

“Responsible Gaming for me means that you put all your responsibilities before gaming. So you’re going to only play games when you have completed your tasks, like homework, cleaning, etc. Of course, you must also adjacent healthy sports with physical exercise. Gaming can be seen as a real sport, eSports, but you have little physical effort required. “

Joey “Shillen” Mosterd

I think that responsible gaming is going to be an important factor in households. Young people are quickly distracted from their school work. Smartphones, social media, games and other websites can lead to a lot of distraction. In order to game responsible you’ll need to plan important tasks first. Don’t delay work what you’ll regret later. As for gaming itself, don’t get mad when you lose games. Raging doesn’t help you at all and it might take the fun away of other gamers as well. Parents of gaming children should be enlightened in a way to game responsible.