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Professional Gamer Aristote Ndunu

Aristote is the AZ professional gamer competing in the Dutch e-Division, national tournaments and international representing AZ ECV eSports. Ndunu is managed by ECV eSports.

  • Age: 20
  • Born: Leiden
  • Xbox & Playstation

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In 2017 we started our partnership with AZ, a premier Dutch football team. Together we aim at bringing eSports in the Netherlands to a higher international level. AZ provides us with the tools we need to forge the champions of tomorrow, including our own office space within the AFAS Stadium and a skybox in which we will be training our players and organize events.



We will be responsible for the guidance of AZ their very own eSports players, including Aristote Ndunu, a professional FIFA player. He will represent AZ in the official e-division which is a prestigious FIFA league that includes the best Dutch football teams. ECV will manage Aristote and future players by offering our support, logistics and knowledge that we have built up over the years.

ECV eSports will represent itself on behalf of AZ in multiple gaming titles, continuing to do what we have been doing for over a decade. Our goal is to improve the level of eSports within the Netherlands, while also having the ability to compete on an international level. Thanks to the partnership with AZ we now have the resources to achieve this as we combine our resources and knowledge.

Another important part of ECV eSports has always been to promote the idea of “Responsible Gaming” (Dutch: Verantwoord Gamen”) where aim to inform and teach both gamers and their influencers by teaching them about how to be responsible about playing games, and the benefits that come with it. Together with AZ we will continue to spread this message as we visit schools to educate and inform people.