Looking back at 2016

eSports is getting bigger and better every single year. The industry is growing rapidly and ECV is in the eye of the storm. We are developing as organisation with this growth and moving in to a new era for 2017. Fresh strategies and approaches are developed as we speak together with our partners & people behind the scenes.

If we need to summarize 2017 revolution: See it, Believe it..

2016 highlights

  • FIFA Academy player Mohamad Al-Bacha moved to Tricked and made himself a real world champion at the FIWC.
  • FIFA Pro gamer Koen Weijland transferred to AFC Ajax
  • Top4 Starcraft2 of Sweden
  • League of Legends wins The Party
  • FIFA Pro gamer Ali Riza Aygün wins ESL Benelux Summer Championship
  • G2A becomes partner of ECV
  • New jersey Mark 4 Launched
  • FIFA Pro gamer Ali Riza Aygün won the Dutch Championships at VoetbalPrimeur
  • SF5 Pro gamer Emanuele Lo Presti 3rd place at the ESL Benelux Winter Championships
  • We delivered a successful project FIFASchoolCup with over 1000 offline contestants at 24 different high-schools
  • We have added the StreetFighter team to ECV
  • SFV Pro gamer Emanuele Lo Presti and LLL MBR 1st place in the 2vs2 tourmant in Cologne
  • ECV’s StarCraft2 division, most grand-masters in the world
  • 1st place at Sugarlan CS:GO
  • HS manager Dennis Ruiter top 2nd place at the ESL Benelux Winter Championships
  • Jordy Hilterman and Quinten van der Most were on national television on 2 separate occasions (Clubhuis 16 / Pauls Puber Kookshow)
  • Soufiane Touzani was with us with the FIFA-Club Championships at the Trust gaming headquarters (what a most inspiring person)
  • 3rd/4th place at the ESL Benelux Summer with our League of Legends team
  • StarCraf2 to Dreamhack Valencia
  • NETGEAR becomes partner of ECV
  • The new division of Hearthstone was added to the club
  • A brand new League of Legends Academy team entered the Dutch College League and got a spot in the ESL Winter Season