ESL Benelux Championships Results

Last weekend we we’re at the ESL Benelux Championships in the Amsterdam Arena.

On saturday we qualified with 7 players in the StreetFighterV finals out of the 16 contenders. Below the final result:

3rd place: ECV CharmingRogue
5th/6th place: ECV Jamal
5th/6th place: ECV Nine90
7th/8th place: ECV Loubdogg
7th/8th place: ECV MrAwesome
9th/12th place: ECV Gixxus
9th/12th place: ECV Hiruko
13th/16th place: ECV Aid0ken

On sunday, the grand finals of Hearthstone took place. Only four players in this competition were able to qualify for the grand finals. One of them was ECV D3n0r.

2nd place: ECV D3n0r

Overall a great performance!