League of Legends Academy update

Today we are bringing you the latest new about our League of Legends Academy team. The team has been active in 2 different competitions in the past few weeks. 1 of them is the ESL Benelux Championships.

eslbenelux eslbeneluxThe reason why ECVisualize took on this team is to help them in growing into a better team and being guided towards becoming a professional. Of you are not able to be become a professional in a few days/weeks, this takes a lot of steps. Therefore ECVisualize gave the team the opportunity to make use of the professional team spot in the ESL Benelux Championships. This way the team could practice and bring utmost best towards the professional teams in The Netherlands. The team managed to get 7th place out of 8, which means they did very well between the professional teams. Some of the games we’re fairly close that we even had the chance to get into a higher ranked position, but unfortunately the experience wasn’t there to pull it of: “yet!”.

dcl dclThe 2nd competition they are participating in is the: Dutch College League

This years goal is getting into the play-offs which means you have to become at least top 4 in the competition. In the first week, we had to face up against “De bazen Oet Twente”. The chances in beating this team was more 70/30 in favor of us. But the confidence turned the back on them and backfired in a lose. Starting the Dutch College League with a negative score: 0-1. The upcoming 2 games we’re rather important. 1 of them, facing the last years winners team: Dorans Alpha. By winning 2 times in a row we made it into the top2 of the DCL with 2 wins, 2 loses.



“The Next Step”

The next step is to gain experience by going towards several events in the Benelux such as: Frag-o-Matic, Sugarlan and The-Party. With this in mind, the team will be more motivated to win their matches and gain the extra experience to get into the top4 of the Dutch College League. Do not forget to follow us on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with the progressions of our team.