CS:GO welcomes a new manager!

ECVisualize has secured the second manager position for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His goal and his passion for the game has made us chose this man for the job. His dedication and social skills have been proven many times, that’s why he will be an asset for ECVisualize.

We introduce you: Stefan “FaTaLiTyZ” Rouw

Hello, my name is Stefan “FaTaLiTyZ” Rouw. I am 26 years old and I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I used to play Counter-Strike: Source competitively however I decided to put Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a tad lower level.

My goal within ECVisualize is to manage all our CS:GO teams. Create more teams with the members we have and try to create top-tier teams with them. I will facilitate all the needs of the players that we have and make their stay within ECVisualize a pleasant time. I bet my 16 years’ experience in the Counter-Strike scene will come in handy for the new players that enter CSGO that I can help progress in this tough game.

Are you interested in joining this community, ranking up the ladders to become our pro team?

Then contact one of the following managers:

Stefan “FaTaLiTyZ” Rouw
Email: Stefan.Rouw@ecvisualize.nl
Teamspeak ( TS3.ECVisualize.nl ) : ECVisualize FaTaLiTyZ
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ecvfatalityz

Yordi “Mc Yz” Zoutewelle
Email: Yordi.Zoutewelle@ECVisualize.nl
Teamspeak (TS3.ECVisualize.nl): ECVisualize Mc Yz
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ecvYz